About Us

Smart Money Tree – Sow & Grow Your Own…

And hence we are here to enrich your financial knowledge and financial wealth as well. We are here to make you your own financial planner, advisor and mentor.

We are being in financial market for almost two decades now. We started our journey in financial market as a sub broker for one of the reputed share broking firm in year 2003. Moving forward we started selling mutual funds and later insurance products as well.

In these years we observed lack of financial literacy among retail investors. Most of the retail investors are not investing to their financials or to achieve certain financial goals. Usually retail investors just buy an investment product sold to them by respective business associates/agents from various companies without knowing the product, its ROI and even the risk-reward.

Unfortunately most of the intermediaries are taking undue advantage of this financial illiteracy among the investors to generate business irrespective of client needs or benefits. Investors are forced to invest in or buy some financial product which does not really suits their financial requirements or fulfill financial goals.

We strongly believe that such deceptive practices can only be put to an end if investor learns to calculate, to evaluate and to execute their financial needs & goals.


To be the trusted one lives and lead with values; working in the field of financial market for financial well-being of our customers.

To work in every possible way; for financial stability, financial well-being and furthermore financial growth of every individual and every family.

To spread financial awareness by enriching financial knowledge.


Financial security for every individual and of every family is utmost priority.

We will help every earning individual to understand the concept of financial planning, goal setting and investment strategies.

We strongly believe, lives leads with values will always outdo, outshine and outperform competitors who commonly leave their ethics at the back door in the financial advisory services business.